About Me

Before coming to real estate, I was working 16-hour, thankless days in restaurant management and I was pregnant with my second child, Dylan. After being on my feet all day I had to endure an hour commute home. I never had dinner with my family and I was absolutely exhausted.
It was about then that another overtired mom at my daughter’s preschool suggested that we both start real estate classes together and get our licenses. I loved the idea and agreed. Flexible hours, working for myself, and being responsible for my earnings was exactly the lifestyle I wanted. I got my license in 2004 even though my partner in the real estate licensing “pact” never did. 

My amazing kids are my heroes. What they go through and how they handle things, their patience with me, and how they learn is all a part of why I am in awe of them. Madisen is a “mini-me” and is on the honor roll. She is independent, smart and is a very good volleyball player on a traveling club team. I love traveling with her to her games.

My son Dylan is all boy. He is constantly asking questions to learn new things and has an amazing spirit. He’s a big soccer player which I wholeheartedly supported by coaching his team for six years.

Having children was a major turning point in my life. At the age of 25, when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was living in Canada without a visa so I couldn’t work there legally. Being pregnant and then having a child under such precarious living circumstances made me realize it was time to grow up and become a responsible adult. My approach to navigating the world changed in big ways.

Before having kids, I was leading a life of adventures. I became SCUBA certified while managing the Dolphin Swim Center’s sales and second store location here in Sacramento. I loved the job because I was working with people, learning technology and was able to travel a little with it.


When I was 21, I decided I needed more space from the west coast so I moved to Chicago; a city that I heard was a great place. I drove cross-country by myself with only $730 dollars to my name and no credit cards. My car broke down five times in three states and I had to figure out how to fix it myself because I couldn’t afford a mechanic. I had lined up a job in Chicago before I got there but I didn’t know anyone in town. That experience made me realize that I could do anything that I set my mind to.

Two years later I moved to Toronto and lived there for several years. When my daughter was six months old I moved back to my hometown of Sacramento. I always had an interest in food and restaurants, but had limited management experience in food service. Nonetheless, I gave myself one month to find a find a good management job with benefits in the industry. I met that goal, and consider it one of my biggest successes, and was once again reminded that I can accomplish what I set out to do.

Part of my journey from living in Toronto and back to Sacramento has included getting married, and divorced. After seven and a half years, we had two beautiful children, but my husband and I were going backwards and I knew it was time to part ways. It was a struggle after that primarily because my financials took a big hit with almost everything being in my name. It was a wake-up call

But having worked through some major obstacles in my life, I’ve shown myself time and again that I am able to overcome challenges, even a big one like divorce. As a result of the divorce I nearly lost my home. At a time when less than 1% of loan modifications were given out, I called two to three times a week for almost two years. Ultimately my persistence and tenacity paid off again and the loan modification finally came through. Having put so much energy and improvements into the home and not wanting to move in with my parents was all I needed to keep me motivated.

I bring this same kind of determination to my real estate clients, and they are glad to see how it benefits them. We work closely and, more often than not, my clients and I become friends beyond the purchase or sale of their property. To ensure my clients—and friends—always get the best possible service, I decided to partner with an exciting and innovative real estate agency. They provide me with administrative and marketing support so that I can focus the bulk of my time and energy directly on my clients. It allows me to have a fulfilling career helping others with the freedom to pick Dylan up from school and attend Madisen’s volleyball games. It feels good knowing that I can provide better service by working under my own name and my own principles. And I’m excited to now be building a real estate business based on service that will last for years to come. 


My clients know that I’m honest and I’m in it for them. Many of them have experienced working with agents that get caught up in just trying to make the sale and come to me because they want the attention and quality of service that I provide like being thoughtful and really listening to what they want. This means that I often come up with ideas that my clients didn’t even think were options—all from listening to them. It also means that friendships, like the one described above, develop from working together though a transaction resulting in mutual respect.

I am proud to be living the life I want. Whether it’s helping others reach their home goals, volunteering through professional organizations or making life-long friends, real estate is at the center of it all. If you work with me you need to know that I am the type of agent that is always working to find the right solution for YOU. I think “outside of the box” to find new ideas to meet your needs and I am always honest.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about me. When you or someone you know is in need of a real estate agent, I ask that you give me the opportunity to demonstrate my services and interview for the job.

Yours truly,